Learning in the hands of those involved. Students must be always on the move. 

Hexagon classrooms think innovatively and move away from the traditional setting of rows of fixed tables, chairs and a lectern. These reshaped learning spaces enable engagement and inspire by allowing students and instructors to take control of the process. A hexagon classroom allows instructors to move around and reach everyone easily. As a result, this flexibility pulls secluded students out of their shells. There will be no students sitting in the back anymore because there is no longer back in the classroom.  

design by: Marios Hadzikostas



Hexagon series makes teamwork easier than ever before. The Hexagon class can easily be transofrmed and allow students to learn the fundamental skills associated with working as a collective unit towards a common goal.

Equal Access

Hexagon enables the knowledge to flow through every inch of the classroom. Regardless of their sitting point students get equal access to learning material, their peers and instructors.


Hexagon shapes a classroom that can easily transform from lecture mode to round-table discussion and back again.

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Working surface made of E-1 particle board of three layers of 25 mm thickness, covered with melamine coating on both sides.

-Perimetrically, the work surface is covered with a special 2 mm thick PVC thermal weld.

Skeleton consisting of three metal legs, cylindrical, cross section 40 mm with special horizontal regulators. All metal parts are painted with electrostatic oven paint, for uniform and elegant finish and wear resistance.

-It is possible to place legs with adjustable height.

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In full detail

– ISO 9001 for quality
– ISO 14001 for Environmental Management
– EN  1335
– EN 637

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