Gaius is available in lots of different versions suitable for any setting, particularly community spaces, conference halls and waiting rooms.It offers a range of truly unusual customisation features, with something for everyone. With or without arms? And with which frame? Would you prefer wheels or not? A plastic or mesh backrest? A fixed or swivel base? Gaius knows no limits. It is also available in a 2, 3, 4 and 5-seater bench version.

You’re freer than ever to choose, because there will always be a model that suits to you.

design by: Bisaglia Design & Brado Factory

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1x GAIUS four legged frame Ø 22mm with glides.

1x GAIUS plastic seat.

1x GAIUS outer seat.

1x GAIUS mesh back.

1x GAIUS front frame mesh back.

12x Hilo screw tip Ø 10.5mm truss head 5x13mm, black.

6x Hilo screw tip Ø10.5 truss head 5x16mm, bronzed.

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