This classroom features an integrated system of furniture designed to support a variety of learning styles. Curved classroom gives students and their tutors many possibilities for learning models with individual and two seats mobile desks.

Curved series is here to offer strength, endurance and vertical uses.

  • Personal worksurfaces adjust for large and small users and move independently of the seat shell and base.
  • Curved is a strong, solid metal construction that guarantees the much-needed endurance of an educational furniture.
  • Curved series comes with built-in storage in the base.
  • Curved can be produced in single and two-seat edition.
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The work surface is made of an E1 three-layer particle board with a thickness of 25 mm and coated with a melamine coating on both sides. A special 2 mm thick PVC is placed around the visible parts of the work surface – with special thermal welding.

The frame is curved, metallic painted with electrostatic paint and heat treatment. This treatment gives a uniform, elegant finish, and abrasion resistance. A special space for books and a sheet metal front is attached to the frame.

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