Agora Desk

A seating system on a beam and 2 or 3-seater benches for straight or curved row compositions. Its aluminium frame is fixed to the floor.

design by: R&S Emmegi

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Study bench for use in lecture theatres, conference halls, auditoriums. Agorà Desk is available as a foldaway or fixed option.

Writing table: fixed, laminated chipboard. Available colours: beech wood or grey (edged with ABS). Mounted with sheet metal brackets, welded to the legs.

Foldaway writing table (440x353x18 mm) with anti-panic retraction system, attached to two rotating aluminium brackets on a connecting tubular steel bar (40x30x2 mm). The table is made of chipboard with a laminate coating and is available in beech wood colour or grey, edged in ABS. The short sides are inserted into aluminium guiding tracks.

Modesty panels (steel sheets) are available for the first row bench.

Legs: aluminium, oval-shaped cross section (80x40x2 mm) with a support base for fixing it to the floor.

A die-cast aluminium base is available for individual seats on the bar, featuring two holes for fixing them to the floor. They are made up of two elements to allow for adjustment of seating tilt on uneven floors.

Connection bar: for attaching the legs to the seats, in tubular steel with a rectangular cross-section (80x40x2 mm). They have an epoxy powder coating.

Seat and backrest: moulded to body shape. They are made of beech plywood with a natural varnish or with flexible polyurethane padding with fabric or faux leather upholstery. Foldaway seat with spring-loaded system for automatic return to vertical position. Seat and backrest sides are made of aluminium alloy, divided into two sections and equipped with a spring-loaded system for automatic return, seated in a hub between the seat and backrest.

Agorà Desk adapts to any building structure requirement such as flat or sloping floors, ones with wide or narrow steps or amphitheatre-shaped with curved beams.

Upon request, the writing table can be supplied with a nonstandard finish or size.

Accessories: painted steel wire basket for storing objects.

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In full detail

– Class 1 IM approval by the Italian Ministry of the Interior (with upholstery in Trevira CS)

– Class 1 approval by the Italian Ministry of the Interior (beech seats)

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