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our philosophy

Throughout the last decades, society and economy have been deeply transformed. Not only in terms of structure, but also in terms of needs. Those needs are depicted on their members. People.

As a natural outcome, education needs to change in order to cultivate the necessary skills for our societies. Governments, educators and opinion makers debate on how to reimagine and reinvent classrooms to break down barriers, develop trust and prepare students for the future.

The world needs people to solve difficult, complex, wicked problems. We cannot solve these in isolation. We must bring people together.

Education, as everyone’s starting point, has a crucial role to play in the process.

Alvarium was established to help institutions create effective, inspiring learning environments, providing tools and technology to support a more hands-on approach to learning.

Adaptability, empathy, global awareness, creativity, innovation. These are skills society is looking for and employers are looking for. We can no longer have educational systems which simply transform information. We should make education about human reaction and cultivation of those skills needed by our transformed social and economic environment. That’s our philosophy. We exist in order to deliver those environments which will allow education to reach its social goal.

our values


Innovation “Out of the box”

Our very existence is  based on thinking out of the box and transform the traditional setting of every learning space.

Flexibility “Every space is a learning space”

We reimagine those spaces. We exploit every informal, publicly used area as a friendly educational space.




Alvarium provides a variety of options by being focused on the quality of the raw materials and the final products. Alvarium chooses its suppliers based on their expertise on each part or product they produce for us. High quality of the raw materials and the final product is the main characteristic they all share. We make sure that all our products abide by international and european certifications requirements.

Custom Approach

We are shaping your educational spaces in cooperation with you. We combine your needs and our team’s expertise on the educational process and modify our products according to the specifications of your space and needs. Our capability to do so, gives added value to our proposed solutions.




We invest in innovative methods which are eco-friendly as much as we invest for the perfection of our products. Our services, products and suppliers are certified for their environmental management and the waste management systems.

Corporate Responsibility

The core of our very existence is based on a social need for advanced education. We deeply believe that corporations must be an inseparable part of the society and we are dedicated in contributing in the confrontation of social and environmental issues. We totally believe that companies influence and are influenced by the circumstances of each period of time and the field of their actions. Our goal is to continually develop programs related to educational causes funded by our profits.


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