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We are claiming that schools and universities as we know them today will disappear. This whole concept that education has to take place in a specific, strictly structured facility will be outdated. Learning space, will be different. It will encourage specific kinds of interaction that is more similar to the ancient Greek Agora than to the church schools of the middle ages.


The traditional lecture-style classroom with a black or white board and the teacher up front leaves no or little room for creativity. Creativity needs space and mobility such as we find in a start-up business or a modern office building.


Institutions should figure how flexibility and variety combined with pedagogy, technology and space promote how learning happens in active learning classrooms. We seek to create active and flexible ecosystems.


We aim to alter the educational environment, we want to aid all those involved in the process to be really engaged. The classroom of tomorrow will look very different than what you see today. But, one thing you will not find is everyone in their pajamas, learning on laptops at home.


Information needs to be able to flow from one student to the next, from the instructors to the students and from students to whiteboard and being able to capture it or modify. That makes sense for students, and their instructors.

Alvarium’s process


Our team meets with representatives from your educational institution and discuss its role and mission in order to understand what kind of environment will help you reach your goals.


We research each project in a unique way and figure out our holistic  proposal for your institution.


We reconvene with you so as to discuss our plans.


Upon agreement, Alvarium transforms your educational environment into a modern, active learning space.

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