Alvarium: The company that reshapes the educational environment.

In recent decades, society and the economy have undergone radical changes. Not only in terms of structure but also in terms of needs. These changes are reflected in their members. The people. Education, as the starting kick in the social course of the individual, has a very important role in this process.

The educational model, however, cannot be sufficiently changed unless the change in the environment where the learning process takes place takes place first. The traditional educational environment does not allow the flow of information, the mobility of students and teachers and the interaction. It is structured statically and with a focus on the teacher.

With this in mind and recognizing the need that arises, two young entrepreneurs from Thessaloniki founded Alvarium. Its goal is to stand by the side of the educational organizations and to contribute to the creation of modern, interactive and effective educational spaces.

With this philosophy began the initial thought, the design of the structure, products and services of Alvarium. Alvarium provides training and landscaping services as well as products that cover the full range of equipment needs of an educational unit.

Our services and products are aimed at schools of all levels, secondary schools, language centers, lifelong learning centers, higher education institutions and all kinds of educational space.

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