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"Alvarium answers the call
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educational spaces"

Social characteristics of our era, will lead to a different educational system which needs a reshaped environment. But, what’s Alvarium has to do in that process?

Alvarium’s mission is to work alongside educational institutions to reshape learning environments into more effective, rewarding and inspiring ones. When we started, we wanted to offer solutions which will move away from the traditional classroom set-up. The kind of equipment we will provide to educational organizations and the design of their spaces, will be well adapted to the types of tasks they are asked to carry out, these being independent, student-driven, student-centric challenges. Challenges which are relevant to them in the real world.

Until now, educational institutions are doing their best to follow the evolution of education. But has been said many times before; Education needs to change.

We do not need an evolution, we need a revolution. That’s our role and mission.

our mission

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